Attention: If your child is struggling to read and is suffering with lowered self-esteem as a result, please read this now…

New research from the University of California, San Diego reveals the REAL reason your child is struggling to read… and the one thing that can instantly and automatically begin to correct the underlying problem, so your child isn’t suffering anymore, and even start to enjoy reading within just 7 days.

You’re about to discover how this new research “hits the nail on the head” when it comes to the ONE thing that causes your child to struggle with reading.

The best part… once you finally know what’s really going on, you’ll see the clear solution, and you’ll know exactly how to help your child finally read with ease, and feel confident again!

AND you’ll instantly understand why the other things you may have tried in the past, like special tutors, and even expensive private learning centers… have not corrected the problem. And may have likely made the problem worse, by making your child even more frustrated and discouraged because of the lack of results.

I’ll get to the exciting research in just a moment.

First, imagine never again having to sit and watch in sheer frustration (desperately wanting to help but feeling completely powerless), as your child stumbles through another sentence, struggling with each word.

And along with that, picture how empowering it would feel to see your child eyes beaming with confidence, smiling from ear to ear as their teacher praises them because of how fast they’ve excelled at reading!

This might sound like a fantasy, but it’s not. In fact, as you’ll soon find out, this is exactly what you can expect when you’re able to correct the problem at its root source. Just like W. Bryant, whose son’s teacher told her: “All of a sudden your son’s reading is phenomenal. What reading program are you using?”

So, no matter how long your child may have struggled with reading…

No matter how many hours of special tutoring your child may have received, only to end up even more frustrated… feeling utterly hopeless and ready to just “give up”, because nothing has worked…

Right now, you can breathe a sigh of relief...

Because what you’re about to learn can absolutely change your child’s life (and yours!) in a very short amount of time.

It all starts with the latest scientific research…

I’ll share the results of the study in just a moment.

First, here’s what they did:

Researchers at the University of California in San Diego, took a group of 32 students and divided them into two groups based on reading speed: fast readers, and slow readers.

Next, researchers recorded eye movements using a special machine that minimizes head movements with chin and head rests, so eye tracking is extremely accurate.

The machine recorded the position of the reader's eye every half millisecond, as the subject read 160 sentences.

What the researchers found was:

Slow readers experience “longer fixations”, “more forward fixations”, and “more regressions” than fast readers.

In other words, researchers found that for poor readers:

1.Their eyes stop (“fixate”) for longer periods of time (compared to fast readers).

2.Their eyes jump ahead to letters/words they haven’t read yet.

3.Their eyes move to the left (“regress”) to letters/words they’ve already read.

Why is this so groundbreaking?

Using the latest eye-tracking technology, researchers have pinpointed the exact source of the problem for poor readers, which they’ve found is inefficient eye movement patterns: “fixations”, “forward fixations” and “regressions”.

The great news is…

Thanks to decades of research, testing and perfecting, “Eye Movement Correcting” technology for struggling readers is finally available.

I’ll get into the details of exactly how it works in just a moment…

First, the reason it can instantly begin to automatically correct inefficient eye movement patterns is because of its “Calibrated Focal Point Streaming” System…

Which is designed and proven to train the eyes to move left to right, from one word to the next, with precise rhythm and timing… virtually eliminating “fixations”, “forward fixations” and “regressions” altogether.

The hidden extra benefit is:

The instant a struggling reader starts using this breakthrough technology, neural pathways are formed in the brain. Nerve fibers become stronger and thicker, as reading skills get better and better… resulting in permanent reading proficiency.

The proof is in a study from Yale University, published in the Biological Psychiatry Journal in July 2002. Researchers compared brain images of poor readers, to brain images of good readers and found that as a struggling reader learns to read proficiently, new neural pathways in the brain are formed.

"We are now in a position to observe the brain changes that take place when poor readers receive the training that allows them to become proficient readers,” said Duane Alexander, M.D., Director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

In other words, as your child uses “Eye Movement Correcting” technology to become a proficient reader, new pathways in the brain are developed, resulting in permanent reading proficiency.

So, no matter how much your child may be struggling to read right now, thanks to this new technology, your child can reach the highest levels of reading performance.

The scary part of the Yale study you should also know about is:

Poor readers who don’t get proper training that corrects the problem, won’t develop proper neural pathways in the brain. And, as a result, will always struggle to read their entire lives.

The reason is because, according to the Yale study, the struggling reader who doesn’t get proper training, ends up developing “back up” systems in the brain, that never function as well as the normal pathways that should have been developed.

What makes this so alarming… is that many times tutoring, “resource room help” and even private learning centers only compound the problem… by forcing the brain to develop inefficient “back up” systems. Because they fail to correct the root cause, which research has shown, is inefficient eye movement patterns.

That’s why so many struggling readers just don’t see results, even after literally hundreds of hours spent with tutors and at learning centers.

Because much like learning a new sport, when you repeatedly practice doing something the wrong way, over and over again, you end up reinforcing the incorrect pattern.

You may have experienced this with your child, or may be going through it right now…

If you feel you’ve exhausted every avenue of help (tutors, learning centers, “resource room help”, psychologists) and your child is still struggling and even more frustrated… you’re not alone.

In fact, this is exactly what happened to John (before his daughter started using “Eye

Movement Correcting” technology)...

“It was frustrating because we didn’t understand what we were doing wrong. She would stumble on words, she would drop sentences, come back, jump around. And no matter what we did, it continued. You were just reinforcing…actually we were making the problem worse…she was doing the same thing over and over again.”

“It became very frustrating for her…”

So, as you can see, the KEY for your child to be able to reach the highest levels of reading performance, is to get proper training that corrects the problem at its source (so the brain develops properly).

That’s why the breakthrough “Eye Movement Correcting” technology is so crucial for your child’s success.

So your child can become a proficient reader by correcting inefficient eye movement patterns, and at the same time creating new neural pathways in the brain… that result in permanent reading proficiency…

And ensures your child won’t struggle with reading for the rest of your child’s life.

Picture this:

Your child sits down in front of the computer to do their very first “Eye Movement Correcting” exercise.

Your child sees text streaming across the screen, perfectly designed to keep your child’s eyes focused on each word. As your child’s eyes move forward from one word to the next, the previous words disappear, so there are no more “regressions”.

And because of the “Calibrated Focal Point Streaming” System, as the text is streaming across the screen, it forces your child’s eyes to focus on each word for precisely the correct amount of time, then move to the next word, and the next…

Automatically training your child’s eyes to move left to right with exactly the correct rhythm and timing, and eliminating “fixations” (stopping) and “regressions” altogether.

Before you know it, your child for the first time, reads a complete sentence without stopping once… and then another sentence and another. Imagine how exciting that would be for your child! And how much confidence it would give your child!

It may sound out of reach at the moment, because of how many other things you may have tried, that haven’t worked.

But thanks to this new “Eye Movement Correcting” technology, these breakthroughs are absolutely possible for your child.

The proof is in the success of so many of students using this technology.

Hear from just a few:

Reading speed doubled in just 4 days!

“By his 4th day using your program at the rate you suggested (approximately 1/2 hour a day), Joe's WPM has gone from the 90 you observed to 180 WPM. He is excited.”

- J Tatz

Student now reading above grade level!

“When my 6th grade son was tested at your program, he was reading at a third grade level. Just a short time later he is reading several grade levels above his actual grade.”

--Denise P.

Windsor, CT

Child’s teacher amazed by results!

“About 4 weeks after starting the reading program our son’s teacher said, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing but over the past month your son is really focused and really paying attention!’ (We didn’t tell the teacher we were using your program!)”.

--Alyssa V.

New Rochelle, New York

These are exactly the kinds of results you can expect this technology to get for your child too.

Now you may be wondering, “Where does this technology come from, and how can I get it for my child?”

I’ll let you know in just a moment how you can get started with this exciting technology to start seeing results right away…

First, this cutting-edge technology was developed by Dr. Jerry Blum, with over 35 years of research and development. Because of his own struggles with reading as a child, Dr. Blum has committed his life to finding a solution to this debilitating problem.

He’s seen firsthand how frustrating and demoralizing it is for struggling readers to exhaust every avenue of help, from spending extra time with tutors, to psychologists, to expensive private learning centers… only to end up even more frustrated in the long run because nothing worked.

He knew there had to be a better way. And with over 35 years of research and development in “eye tracking technology”, he’s perfected the one solution that can instantly begin to correct the problem for struggling readers.

And because of how successful this new technology is and the sheer amount of struggling readers his system has helped, Dr. Jerry Blum is considered an expert in “Eye Movement Correcting Technology” for struggling readers.

Dr. Blum’s breakthrough technology can help your child who struggles with reading, just like it has for hundreds of others.

Here are just a few experiences others have had:

“My daughter went from a 2nd grade reading level to 5th grade reading level in just 3 months.

-D Schauff

Above average test scores in reading!

“My son just had the best grades that he has ever had thanks to your program. My son has never had such amazing scores on his reading assessment; he just finished fifth grade with above average test scores in reading.”

“He has struggled a lot throughout elementary; now he feels more confident in reading and writing.”

“Thank you!!!!”

-A Shepherd

After two weeks, he WANTS to read now!

“Two weeks of the reading program every night and he's a new kid! He's reacting and paying more attention in sports and wants to read because he SEES the connection.

-E Jensen

At her wits end, finally found the solution!

“It was frustrating because we didn’t understand what we were doing wrong. She would stumble on words, she would drop sentences, come back, jump around. And no matter what we did, it continued. You were just reinforcing…actually we were making the problem worse…she was doing the same thing over and over again.”

“It became very frustrating for her.”

“It was the best money I could ever spend on this child because she would be struggling her entire life through high school and college, probably not doing well, unhappy and we would have spent a ton of money to have an unhappy child. When I look back at the price it was a drop in the bucket of what you are going to spend to educate your child anyway. I think it was the best money we could have ever spent.”

-John M.

Dr. Blum’s “Eye Movement Correcting” technology was designed to help struggling readers who suffer with one or more of these symptoms:

Dislikes or avoids reading

Forgets what has been read

Loses concentration frequently

Reads below grade-level

Exhibits deteriorating comprehension with time

Displays a short attention span when reading

Skips or rereads lines

Comprehends material poorly (unless read to)

Performs poorly on tests, despite apparent intelligence

Expresses frustration with school

Reverses word structure when reading, (e.g., “was” for “saw”)

Loses place when reading

Skips words when reading or copying

Knows a word on one page and not the next

Requires excessive time to complete homework

Tires quickly when reading, with frequent signs of frustration

Fails to complete assignments on time

Seems to skip over punctuation, as though not there

If your child suffers from any of these symptoms, “Eye Movement Correcting” technology can help your child become a proficient reader in a very short amount of time.

To get started right away, here’s what to do next:

Call our office at 1-800-230-3054 to set up an appointment and we’ll explain the exact steps to enroll your child in the program.

The “Eye Movement Correcting” technology is educational in nature and does not diagnose, treat or correct any disease or medical condition.

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